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We use Surrey’s scheme of work for Music through the ‘Charanga Musical school’ website.  It provides a skill based, progressive curriculum that has been well considered and prepared for schools by music specialists.  It is a scheme designed to support both specialist and non-specialist teachers teach music confidently, in an engaging and exciting way.  It covers all areas of the National Curriculum and allows more confident learners to develop Mastery where appropriate.


Each half term there is a unit to be covered that will teach, Listening and Appreciation, Musical activities and Performing.  Although it is a skill-based scheme, it is built on the belief that music learning is not linear and the units build on a learning ‘spiral’ where children deepen their understanding as they move through the school, as new learning and experiences are presented to them.  The scheme aims to reduce teacher workloads by providing Interactive Whiteboard lessons to support learning.


During their time at Shawfield, children can develop their music skills through the spiral curriculum provided by Charanga.  They can play and perform with either their voice or a musical instrument; they can compose music with others; they can understand simple musical notations; listen to and appreciate a range of music from different cultures, composers and musicians as well as begin to develop an understanding of the history of music.