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At Shawfield we aim to provide a high-quality mathematics education by following a mastery approach, using the White Rose maths scheme. White Rose takes its objectives directly from the National Curriculum ensuring full coverage and a clear progression of small coherent steps building on children’s prior knowledge. White Rose Maths and Shawfield agree that every child can do maths, and it is the successful implementation and training that can directly influence this. The children explore different methods that will improve their understanding of maths as a whole. These methods build upon the use of manipulatives (resources within the classroom that support the children's abstract thinking). Through the use of this mastery approach, the children will continually revisit and embed skills throughout their journey at Shawfield. 

The school continues to work in close partnership with the Surrey MathsHUB.  

In addition, all children have access to Numbot and Times Table Rockstars. This is to allow them to pracitse skills to support their number sense and increase their rapid recall. 


•  Children from YR to Y6 have daily maths lessons taken from the White Rose Scheme ( in YR 15 mins building to 30 on the summer, 45 mins in KS1 and 60 mins in KS2)

•  Class teachers use White Rose powerpoints from Premium Resources to teach the lesson and then children complete the corresponding worksheet in their White Rose booklets.

•  Additional work is recorded in exercise books.

•  In daily maths lessons, children use manipulatives and models to support mathematical thinking.

•  The majority of children progress through the curriculum content at the same pace.

•  Pupils have daily opportunities to problem solve by completing a plenary bubble and are able to complete an extension bubble to deepen their understanding.

•  Individuals may have extra small group support from teachers and teaching assistants during daily lessons.

•  Groups of children needing additional support with the acquisition of basic maths skills will follow interventions outside daily maths lessons.

•  From January 2022 there will be an additional 10 minutes daily spent on number fluency using resources from Numbots and Times Table Rockstars.


•  The progression of mathematics skills is clear across the school and there is evidence of individual progress from starting points to end of Key Stage performance.

•  Work in White Rose booklets and in exercise books shows that children are making good progress.

•  Children are developing their ability to reasoni and problem solve by identifying patterns, working through tasks systematically and explaining their mathematical thinking.

•  Effective modelling and use of concrete resources ensure that children develop conceptual understanding of mathematical ideas.

•  Clear teaching and learning objectives enable high quality teaching of core skills to enable good outcomes.