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At Shawfield, we aim to provide a rich and stimulating language environment, where spoken language, reading and writing (including spelling and grammar) are integrated across the curriculum. We promote a shared love and understanding of reading and writing in all areas of the curriculum.  We encourage children to develop powers of imagination, inventiveness and critical awareness when reading and writing and we promote opportunities for pupils to become confident, competent and expressive in their use of language with a developing knowledge of how it works. Our teachers provide opportunities for pupils to be evaluative and reflective learners who understand the process of drafting and editing their written work. We teach children the rules of spelling, grammar and punctuation, and for them to apply them accurately in written work across the curriculum. Teachers extend and challenge children’s thinking and provide them with opportunities to explore the English curriculum at a greater depth. Children produce effective, well-presented written work which they enjoy creating and take pride in.


In Reception, children have opportunities to develop their communication, language and speaking skills on a daily basis in both adult led and child initiated activities.  There are daily activities to support their reading and writing (literacy goals) which are both adult led and independent choice. Children have daily differentiated, discreet phonics lessons which follow the Read Write Inc. programme. The English planning follows a theme-based unit which include a variety of rich and stimulating texts to engage all children using The Write Stuff.

In Key Stage One, daily discreet phonics lessons continue to be taught.  Children have daily mixed ability English lessons , following The Write Stuff,  with an emphasis on exciting fiction and non-fiction texts.  Children take part in both guided and individual reading sessions and have regular story times to develop a love of reading.  Literacy skills are developed across all of the curriculum areas.  Provision is made for children who require extra support through intervention programmes (e.g. Early Literacy Support/Catch-Up Literacy) and differentiated class teaching.

In Key Stage Two, children have daily mixed ability English lessons, following The Write Stuff, which across a week will include: reading comprehension, grammar, spelling, writing and editing. Children take part in daily guided reading sessions and classes are encouraged to have a class novel. Spoken language is also a key part of our curriculum, allowing children to explore their ideas before writing. Literacy skills are developed across the curriculum and provision is made for children who require extra support through intervention programmes (e.g. Catch-Up Literacy, precision teaching) and differentiated class teaching.


By the time children leave Shawfield Primary School, we expect them to communicate through spoken language, reading and writing, with confidence, fluency and understanding. We wish for every child to take pleasure in reading across a range of genres and have a strong motivation to read for a variety of purposes.