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Message from the King

Our Year 6 children embarked on a powerful journey last half term, penning letters to various organisations and charities to shed light on key local, national and international issues. This endeavour, integral to our English curriculum, is aimed at honing their writing skills while instilling a sense of community responsibility.

We are thrilled to share that Noah and Poppy received responses from none other than His Majesty The King! Their letters, crafted with passion and sincerity, resonated deeply with His Majesty, who took the time to acknowledge their efforts.

Our school community couldn't be prouder of Noah and Poppy's achievements. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to His Majesty for his attention to our letters. His recognition has left a lasting impression on Noah, Poppy, and the entire school community, reaffirming the importance of community and pupil voice.

Congratulations, Noah and Poppy, on this remarkable feat!